Our Story

Cashmera Mongolia is launched with the intention to highlight the beauty of Mongolian cashmere industry. Not only do we have the highest quality of organic cashmere in the world, but our manufacturing and design processes are developing rapidly.
It is very recently that Mongolia was only the producer of raw cashmere. Ulaanbaatar, our capital city, is the coldest capital city in the world, reaching -40 celsius during the winter - resulting in the finest, softest and warmest organic cashmere in the world. This Tonnes of this valuable fiber was being exported to China and European countries every year in its most raw state. Big known cashmere brands would source the raw material from Mongolia and export them to factories in China to save costs. Then the final products reach their end users with a hefty margin.
Cashmera Mongolian is different in that we are creating a vertically integrated supply chain from beginning to end. Sourcing, weaving, dyeing, designing, knitting, marketing, and distribution is all handled by Mongolians. We want Mongolian herders, designers, models and talents to capture the value that was once reaped by other countries. We want to empower the thousands of factory workers, mostly female, who are working to support their families. We want to showcase to the world how advanced our cashmere industry has developed.
In this digital age, it is not enough to just make the best knitwear. We are the first exclusively online cashmere brand from Mongolia, reaching our customers via our website, wherever they may be.
As a brand with a global vision, we also understand the importance of giving back to our community. With every purchase, Cashmera Mongolia is donating locally made wool socks to keep children warm all year around.
 Even though we are just launching, we aim to become the ultimate go-to platform for all cashmere knitwear originating from Mongolia. Please enjoy our soft launch collection and keep an eye out for future developments!
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