Cashmere With A Purpose

When I launched Cashmera Mongolia, I knew I should strive to create the most ethically manufactured knitwear brand with sustainable packaging. But I also knew that not only does my company have a duty to its customers, but also to the wider community.
As part of my brand's social responsibility, I decided to donate a pair of warm wool socks for every knitwear sold to children at "Gerel" Orphanage. It's a place close to my heart -- I used to teach English as a Secondary Language (ESL) to the children there during my high school days with my AP Literature teacher and 10 other students.
Every Saturday, we taught alphabet, danced, sang and played with them for 2 hours. Those two hours were one of the best parts of my life because it brought me so much joy and taught me humility, empathy and responsibility. But it also broke my heart to see those young, bright kids who had nowhere else to go. 
That is why I want to help the kids there with my new company. As my company grows, I hope to help many more children all over Mongolia have a warm winter.
Unfortunately, CSR is a relatively new concept and is not prevalent among Mongolian companies. Even though our contribution is small, we hope to inspire other local cashmere companies to start giving back to the society.