Founder Bio

Hi, my name is Nomi Munkhuu and thank you very much for checking out my brand Cashmera Mongolia.
When I was living and studying in the US for over five years, I used to wear cashmere garments for the warmth and softness that reminded me of home. From the chilly summers of San Francisco to the cold winters of NYC, my cashmere turtlenecks, coats, scarves and gloves kept me company.
I would often get compliments on my sweaters and coats from friends and strangers alike. People were usually surprised by how affordable I bought them for back home in Mongolia - especially because they were 100% pure organic cashmere sourced from the happiest free-roaming goats in the world. Unfortunately there wasn't a modern online store to purchase them directly from Mongolia.
This is where I got the inspiration to launch my own online cashmere store. Where young people worldwide can buy curated collection of affordable knitwear straight from the source, where luxury products don't have to burn a hole in your wallet, where Mongolian herders, designers and manufacturers can display their works of art.
Combining my experience of living abroad and shopping online, as well as my love of fashion and cashmere knitwear, I am beyond excited to launch Cashmera Mongolia. We hope you enjoy shopping our soft launch collection and please don't forget to review your favorites and tag us in your posts with #InMyCashmera.
- Love, Nomi
Find me on IG @NomiMunkhuu and FB Nomi Munkhuu